Sunday, July 22, 2012

Efficiency And Security Of Online Transactions

With the accelerating nature of technological advancement, many businesses have decided to play along by adopting newer and better methods of accepting and giving payments. Online businesses are on the rise thus necessitating methods of payment and banks that can be used to transact deals between the individual businesses and their consumers. International business which source clients from all over the world may experience difficulty when physical movement is to be involved.

In the search of fast and efficient methods of making transactions, there is an introduction of online banks and methods of making payments such as credit and debit cards. The payment card to be allowed for transaction is based on arrangement between the acceptors and the merchants involved. There are agreements which must be met by parties to the transactions in order to be implemented.

The parties to some of the transactions may include acquiring bank and aggregators such as PayPal. The businesses may deal directly with the acquiring banks or involve the aggregators to act as intermediary in transferring of funds. The contracts are legally effected under regulations of operation which are established by card associations which oversee the legality and security of every online transaction.

Online credit card transactions are sent through electronic means to the banks associated with the merchants where they are authorized, captured and deposited for their clients. There are various methods which can be used to send credit card information to the banks in order to receive the payments; through swiping, reading of computer chip or entering the information into the related terminals. Websites mostly provide a form which act as terminal for receiving credit card information.

Online transactions are however recommended to be done with a lot of caution in order to avoid being swindled as there are several online fraudsters and may cause huge losses to businesses. Initially, credit card slips were sent via email to the processing banks of the recipients; such methods have been overshadowed by modern electronic methods. Some of the common terminals include printer, modem, magnetic stripe reader, keypad and memory card among others.

Internet merchant accounts have become very popular and have been adopted by several business globally to boost their businesses and also broaden their customer-base. Those in possession of Master-Card and Visa are better placed when making transactions as many businesses require their clients to use such. Consumers can easily purchase goods from abroad and have the payment sent easily and efficiently.

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