Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Freight Broker

1 You can be totally independent.
When you're a freight broker you call the shots. You make all the decisions and can choose to start on your own or you can hire a couple employees to help you build your business. Either way, there's no boss breathing down your neck while you're on the telephone speaking with a customer.

2 They have more time with their families... at home.
If you're a driver, being on the road all the time becomes stale after a time. Sure you get to see different places but you don't really have time to dawdle and see the sights. All you're concerned about is getting from point A to point B in the shortest possible time or you lose paying customers.

As a freight broker, you set your working time so you'll have more hours spent teaching your son how to catch a football, having weekly date nights with your significant other, or even going on real sightseeing trips.

3 They can earn more, especially if they have their own trucking company.

You probably know the freight industry better than the back of your own hand. You have an industry network that's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take advantage of this database of shippers and carriers. Add a freight broker service to streamline your operations, improve customer service, and keep the revenue to grow your business rather than letting other freight brokers cut into your bottom line.

4 Brokers have 60-second commutes.
Working from the comforts of your own home is a dream shared by many. Work in your slippers and pajamas if you want. Lunch is served hot and enjoyed for an hour, not on the run. And there's only a one-minute walk to the fridge for some mid-afternoon energy boost. No time wasted getting stuck in an hour-long, traffic-riddled commute. Plus, you can sleep in on some days. What's not to like?

5 Start up costs are minimal
You will need less than $3,500 to get started on your freight broker career--from freight broker training and licensing to setting up shop. Many successful freight brokers we've known got their start with the dining table doubling as their work space. You have the flexibility of starting bare bones or dressing up your work area to the nines. You're the boss, it's your call.

6 They spend as little as $400 monthly on their overhead expenses.
If you're a one-man operation and you work from home, you'll often find yourself saving dollars on overhead. Your time will be spent mostly on the phone--negotiating with shippers and carriers, researching and tracking shipments.

7 They can earn as much as they want.
This is a booming industry and the only limit to your income is your commitment to success. There's plenty of business to go around, especially with e-commerce rebounding. Shippers are sending out goods from warehouses and distribution centers more and more and this can only mean more opportunities to earn.

8 They have an ever-expanding universe of opportunities.
The more your freight brokerage business is growing, the more you're shoring up your smarts in the industry. And the more you're building up your leadership, the more you're acquiring new industry contacts who work anywhere from Seattle to Yonkers. Your universe as a freight broker is expanding exponentially... and so is your income.

9 Your business is the start of a stable family business.
Once you've achieved success as a freight broker, there's nowhere to go but up--including a robust business where the rest of the family can get involved. Your children can start learning the ropes; you can begin employing people you trust; and your business can end up becoming one of the valuable businesses in your state! The possibilities are endless.

10 Your business is a priceless legacy.
A freight brokerage company run by you and your family is an enormous asset that can take care of your family long after you're gone--whether they continue to run it or sell it at top dollar. It's a positive win on all sides.

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