Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A young business, for it to be successful, should first make the brand known, to ring a bell in the customers’ ears. The owner should consider a medium that can reach many individuals, a medium that is commonly used even by the people from the economic class C and D. In addition, this medium is the internet, specifically the search engines, which most people are acquainted to every time they open a browser.

Search engine optimization is one of the most common and effective way to make your business visible online. It is a way to introduce the business to potential customers without even trying too hard or spending a big amount of cash in the process. It is just simple, when individual types in keywords in a search engine, for example in Google™, and one of the keywords matches something that is in the website’s content then your website will appear on the results page (but the rank depends upon the relevance of the content to the typed keywords). Therefore, by just that, there is a possibility that the individual might click the link to your website and actually read the content and become a customer.

The thing is, in order for search engine optimization to work, you must consider many things,

• What the public commonly search for when they open a particular search engine.

• What keywords to put in the website HTML in order to be visible in the search engine results?

• Avoiding putting unnecessary as search engines might mark the website’s contents as spam and will therefore remove the website from their popular results.

After considering these things, implementing search engine optimization should be smooth sailing for your business online and can help greatly in establishing brand recognition over the web.

There is also a downside when a business will become seo-dependent. The target market may become fed up with this strategy and start to be smart in looking for possible business establishments to buy goods. Other possible disadvantages for being seo-dependent are:

• Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo change their algorithm in showing results for the searches from time to time for reasons that are not known. Therefore, referral will not be guaranteed to last. Moreover, search engines sometimes messed up the entire ranking with the introduction of new strategies to optimize their rankings and indexing.

• If a website decides to use deceptive methods (or the so-called “black hat method”) in improving their visibility in search results, and got caught by the penalizing department of a certain search engine, penalties may include the lowering of their ranking, thus lowering the visibility of that website in search results or even block the said website.

These disadvantages can be avoided by, first, not being 100% seo-dependent and still optimize other marketing strategies. It is actually a good thing to adjust and adapt easily to whatever changes search engines would introduce. Secondly, by being honest, direct and avoid using trickery just for the personal gain of the business.

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